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Today I would like to recommend a world famous beauty tool – Beauty Blender!


The blender is best when used in damp. When fully damped it can double the size. It is very handy when applying for make-ups. You can feel that your skin is eating all the water from it!

The greatest thing about the blender is that it can be used to apply for all types of make up, from your sun screen, concealer, to blush, loose powder, even eye shadow. It can blend in all types of textures to create a natural, glowing look.


Step1 Prepare——Damp the whole blender, then squeeze out all water.

Step2 Foundation—— Use all angles, softly press and bounce on your skin to create a natural look.

Step3 Conceal—— Use the tip to apply concealer on major spots, press and bounce.

Step4 Eye Shadow——Use the tip to apply Eye Shadow to create a 3D look.


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