Fashion’s Unflattering Trends

So true

The Fashion Foot

The fashion industry has produced and affirmed many trends and fads to the detriment of impulsive followers. Some that should have instead been ostracized by the industry. Sadly, these trends and fads have made it into the closets of many fashionistas and are swarming the nation by popular demand. The prevalence of these trends are so overwhelming that I felt inclined to share the unflattering nature of each. In doing so, I hope to dissuade and deter you from wearing these unpleasant looks. However, I am aware and do find it quite unfortunate that many of you may have already incorporated these looks into your wardrobe. Nevertheless, be aware that such looks have been deemed unflattering.

Sagging Pants


This atrocity shows zero bias to gender. I have seen both men and women sag their pants with misplaced dignity and baffling pride. When I see people with their pants sagged, I…

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