Dark Craft…

😍Gorg so chic

Vintage Reflection


Feeling dark and gothic, todays look is a reflection of that. It feels fitting with it being Friday the 13th, spooky! My mood started with me wanting to wear a black dress, the look evolved with me choosing dark lipstick and my leather jacket. It doesn’t get worn enough and I thought I should dust it off. My hat was added more out of necessity due to the rain and wind!
dark_craft_-79dark_craft_-95Coco and I have spent the week back home in Birmingham with my family, it’s been lovely catching up  but nice to be back in London Town and with Dave. dark_craft_-46dark_craft_-94I layered my gold chain with the mixed metal chains to add a little more depth to the look, teamed my kisses belt, little black shoes with the gold heels and for a touch of colour I grabbed one of my little vintage bags. dark_craft_-92darkcraftWhat I’m wearing –

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