Kate Bosworth

Love this look

The Spots Hunter

I haven’t seen her in so many films but her angel face it’s easy to remember. Flawless. Can’t resist to her eyes. Her class is simply innate. Even with celeste end of the hair: on anyone else would sound creepy… On her is absolutely chic. Her face is a masterpiece. I would crave for having different eye colour! Love her dress choices for important occasions or everyday life. Is the case to say that is the person that makes the dress. Her class is inner and not constructed. She looks great even with clothes or accessorizes that I don’t really appreciate so much. She can decide the beauty of a dress! I’ve noticed she loves to take her back bared. Look all these amazing outfits! Simply love her!

1fe4941be16a50b56fb57510c0bd0d2853910d3792a3b373_Kate-Bosworth148994_10151209840060267_376564465_n734457_10151434776404235_1079032068_nKate Bosworth Promotes Skincare Line In Sydneykate-bosworth-3Kate-Bosworth-California-Style-4kate-bosworth-dip-hair-style-2013kate-bosworth-instyle-2kate-bosworth-pastel-hairKate Bosworth Heads To The Bar To Meet Her Palskate-bosworth31Celebs at Marc Jacobs Fashion Show Spring 2007

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