Yo! What’s trending in Fall 2013? Gimme the styles!

Great girl great look


Okay, fine I’ll tell you. Keep your Chanel high fashion pants on, please!

Matthew: “I’m your host, Matthew Levesque, honorary diva host extraordinaire and I am here tonight to tell you the 3 MUST-HAVES for Fall 2013!” *roaring applause ensues* “FLICK THE LIGHTS!”

Matthew: “How are ya’ll tonight? I can feel the positive energy seeping through all of your pores, darling! You’re always such a great audience.” *cracks cheesy smile* (Remember to clap when the light tells you too, okay? *says producer through mic*)

Matthew: “Let’s get the show rolling!”

Matthew: “First off, let me introduce our very special guest, Cara Delevingne!” (Whistling and loud applause*)

Cara: “Hi guys! I’m so happy to be here… thank you for having me!”

Matthew: “It’s always a pleasure, Cara!” (*audience claps*)

Matthew: “Let’s bring out the first model, shall we? Here we have our first model, wearing a back-to-school inspired outfit with a…

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