Bridal Style Starts with Great Shoes

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If you aren’t obsessed with shoes before you start planning your wedding attire, you might be by the time you’re done. There are a lot of trends when it comes to wedding shoes, and finding your perfect pair can be a challenge.

  • Style: The traditional choice is a small heel, but don’t feel that you must stick to this. Instead, think about fun alternatives like tennis shoes or sexy options like stilettos. If you want a heel with more stability, wedges are a great choice.
  • Color: You can stick with tradition and match your gown, but your shoes can also be a great way to add a splash of color to your attire. Be bold with a jewel tone, or keep it soft with a muted shade of one of your wedding colors.
  • How many pairs: If you’re worried about dancing in your heels, consider changing into a more relaxed…

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