Don’t say good bye to long dresses

Gorg love it


Many times I question myself if I should wear long dresses but I don’t know the answer. I’m a small girl and everybody says that girls like me should wear short clothes because with them we look like taller girls. But I only have one question, Why should our body be a limitation?

I have  information for the girls that don’t know it or they’re afraid to wear the popular maxi dress. We can also use it if we don’t forget some things.

Firstly, dont’t forget the hight heels shoes. With tight and straight cut dresses, without prints, and with only one colour or dark colours we will  look like taller girls. It’s better if the collar’s dress are “V-shaped”.One of the cut dresses that suits us is an “A” cut, like Marilyn Monroe’s dresses. The dress has a full “bell-shaped” skirt that would have pleats. Other cut dresses are the “T-shirt dress”…

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