New NARS collection an homage to french photographer Guy Bourdin



“This collection is an homage to [Bourdin] because he was such an inspiration in my life,” Nars, founder and creative director of the brand, told WWD. “When I was a young boy, I would go through my mother’s French Vogue and tear out Guy Bourdin images. Bourdin’s images were always the ones that really got my attention — he created a world that was so magical to me. From the lighting and the makeup to the abstract backgrounds and poses, Guy built up his own world. There is a certain decadence in Guy’s work that really struck a chord with me.”


As you know, Nars likes to choose art personalities of the past . Once the source of his inspiration was Andy Warhol , Edie Sedgwick and Candy Darling . Now it is the turn of the french photographer Guy Bourdin,best-known for his work with French Vogue and Harper’s…

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