Holiday Gift Guide (1) : Manolo Blahnik’s BB pumps and Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle pumps

My fav


It is that time of the year again. So let the magic begin!

Starting from today until the 24 of December we will help you to find the right gift for the loved ones presenting you gifts ideas from luxury to affordable, for her and for him or why not just for you! But remember that the most important is to give with your heart!

Handsome, hand-blown, cultured, camouflaged, exotic, dandified, gilded, sparkly, spiked, surreal, vintage, fluorescent, fringed, fabulous, perfumed, precious and one-of-a-kind. There really is something for everyone! So follow us everyday for some inspiration!

Today gift idea is  are actually two classics:  the Manolo Blahnik 

“BB” point-toe pumps in silver/black crocodile-print fabric and the

Christian Louboutin “Pigalle” point-toe pumps in white python.




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