Staple Item of the Season: Leather Leggings!

Love those must haves 😍😍😍

The Fashion Foot

From classic combinations to rock star chic, leather leggings add an edge to any look and serve as the ultimate staple item of the season. Leather is all the rage and super on trend for dressing up or dressing down. Layering faux leather leggings with an over-sized sweater or blouse automatically gives off a feminine vibe. You may be thinking these tight fitting leggings are only destined for a size zero model…but think again! Any normal girl with hips can rock a pair of these sleek leather leggings when styled correctly.  A tunic length top conceals those unwanted areas and still shows off the edgy trend. Add a stylish pair of heel booties for your daytime errands and change it up with a pair of studded pumps for a night out on the town.

Fabulously Versatile

  • Hipster Chic: A blazer over a vintage rocker tee paired with leather leggings and…

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