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Hi everyone!

So I apologize for no outfit postings recently. I had that stupid allergic reaction last week and I didn’t want to scare the masses with my abnormally large face. I have a ton of outfits that I do want to share however so this weekend I will be back at it! For the moment though, I’ve been asked a few times what kind of shoes should be in every woman’s closet, and in conjunction with a recent Keaton Row lookbook that I did on Closet 101′s, I thought I would do my top 6 ABSOLUTE SHOE MUST’s. Yes, I am yelling at you with my caps lock. 🙂

The black heels are the largest pic shown because those are the most versatile, critical shoe to own. Work? Yes. Date Night? Yes. Formal Occasion? Yes. Adding a little fancy to your jeans? Yes. Don’t have a pair? Stop…

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